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Office partitioning is essential to your business growth because it helps you create specialized units for your staff. It comes in handy when recruiting a new labor force or reducing your current one. Ideal office partitions will help increase the productivity of your work crew and efficiency when serving diverse clients. Therefore, office-partitioning costs in Kenya might be acceptable to you after looking at the end benefits. These benefits are also ideal reasons to propel you to consider office partitioning in Kenya by KENCID Interiors Limited.

Noise Reduction

Most modern office workspaces are noisy because everybody is always trying to do their jobs. These noisy activities may come from some co-workers who are loud on the phone or are chatting away with their desk neighbors. Some offices will also have noisy equipment like printers and paper shredders that can cause a buzz of activities. Some office partitioning solutions like freestanding office screens, cubicles, and floor-to-ceiling office partitions are ideal ways to reduce noise in open-plan office environments while helping boost productivity.

KENCID Interiors Limited will help partition your office in an ideal way to reduce unnecessary office noise for specific departments. For instance, the company can help you create a personalized printing area far from the boardrooms and conference areas to help reduce the noise during important meetings and confidential conversations. Similarly, some busy offices require isolating from the quiet ones where concentration is vital. The company’s professionals install all the critical soundproofing elements while maintaining your corporate identity theme.


Various businesses come with diverse office space requirements during partitioning. Some may prefer a partial office design and redecoration solution. These businesses will only need to make a simple change like creating a meeting room or a reception area separate from the rest of the office where there are more activities. Office partitioning will be handy for such requirements because it helps with your business’s future expansion needs.

KENCID Interiors Limited creates ideal office partitioning solutions for all your business problems to improve the functionality of your work area. Their office partitions come with modern installations and excellent amenities to help your workers during their daily activities. For instance, the company installs the latest internet connectivity facilities and electrical accessories that are pretty easy to use. Therefore, you can be reassured when you have a diverse workforce or people from different backgrounds in your office area.


Office partitioning costs in Kenya vary depending on various factors around your office space. Therefore, making all these partitions may narrow down the pricing method to the amount of work you invest in the activity. However, the final product aims to improve the overall operation of your office space by helping you cut unnecessary office costs that might broaden your daily business expenditure. KENCID Interiors Limited uses this opportunity to create an office partitioning system that is quite affordable to install and use.

You will always have to consider the cost of any significant office design changes. However, making changes to your office design can be done without considerable sacrifices or compromises, mainly when you operate on a tight or fixed budget. The diverse office partitioning solutions from KENCID Interiors Limited will provide your business with the ideal and separate workspaces that it needs without significantly affecting your cash flow or overstretching budget. The company only uses high-quality products, helping you reduce the worry and concerns about poor-quality installations.


Privacy is essential in every office interior design because it can significantly improve the operational duties of each staff member in your office layout. However, it’s crucial to note that open-plan offices don’t offer privacy from their co-workers or customers when saving them. The various types of office partitioning, like office screens or cubicles, can create private spaces in your work environment.

KENCID Interiors Limited understands the importance of privacy in your office layout and the productivity of your workers. Therefore, the company uses creative and modern ways to create office spaces that promote utmost privacy and confidentiality, especially in busy businesses. They employ soundproofing materials and incorporate them into your choice of office partitioning when you try dividing your office. The company will also separate important offices like boardrooms from other departments of your office that might compromise the privacy of your official meetings and confidential conversations.


One significant advantage of office partitioning is the scalability as your business grows. Remember, you want an ideal office partition that will accommodate more members as you progress in our area of operation. Office partitions are scalable, which is the difference you need to outgrow your competitors. This scalability allows your business to start with small rooms and extend them later when you have more staff. Scalability will also enable you to analyze your company’s progress by giving insights into which departments require more teams or a labor force reduction.

KENCID Interiors Limited offers various scalable office partitioning options that will solve most of your future office space problems and requirements. For instance, the company will strongly advise you against opting for fixed wall types of partitions when starting on a small, rented office space. The company’s professionals also provide creative and practical solutions to your office scalability issues. Therefore, you will surely get a final and ideal office partitioning style with various scalable features as new needs arise.


Office partitioning offers some ideal flexibility that can be the distinguishing factor between you and your main competitors. Each office partition solution focuses on each client’s specific needs, business goals, and budgets. Office partitioning that offers flexibility means you can adjust the walls, take them down, and rebuild them into a different position. This flexibility also allows you to reuse the initial materials without waste. However, not all office partitioning designs come with the flexibility and adaptability capabilities that your business office space requires.

For instance, traditional plasterboard and stud walls are permanent installations that offer little flexibility for expansion. You will have to destroy these walls to move them when enlarging or downsizing your office space. KENCID Interiors Limited provides the best solutions for flexible office partitioning styles that will leave room for the growth and expansion of your office. The company will also provide the necessary information and tips to help you ease the process of figuring out the best office partitioning style to opt for in Kenya.

Which office partitioning solution is right for you?

Several partitioning solutions exist that cater to specific office requirements depending on the type of industry your business specializes in Kenya. Each type of office partition has its advantages, while some can provide the right solution for your business or organization. Therefore, whatever solution you opt for should always be on the frontline when solving your office space requirements. KENCID Interior Limited helps you figure out the best style for your office partitions by providing practical examples, renders, and real-time solutions to existing projects.

After figuring out the best style for your office partitioning, you need to weigh your budget and see if it can cater to the type. Therefore, KENCID Interiors Limited uses cost estimation and evaluation to help ease the process of identifying the perfect budget for your office partitioning. The company also eases your budget by providing flexible payment methods allowing you to run your business activities.

The general appearance of your office partitioning will also determine the final cost. You might choose a sleek design requiring many modern installations while increasing the overall budget. A demountable office partition might look good, but something other than a timber or metal stud wall may appeal to your eyes.       However, demountable office partition options may be a bit more expensive than fixed ones. Glass partitions are a great office partitioning option to enhance your workspace while adding practical functionality and a sophisticated appearance all at once. These features make glass a trendy but expensive choice for modern office spaces with a focus on fresh minds for sourcing information. Therefore, KENCID helps you adjust to low-cost office partitioning by changing the specifications to a more flexible or ideal budget system. The company will also help you pick the perfect solution to avoid overstaying in the ideation phase.

Winding Up

Office partitioning costs in Kenya change according to your office space requirements and other essential factors. Therefore, you need to know these requirements before initiating an office-partitioning project. KENCID Interiors Limited ensures you have the proper budget in rhyme with your preferred choice of office partition to avoid too many revisions and adjustments in the future. The company also educates you on maintaining a modern and functional office interior design and partitioning system. Consequently, it will help your brand and office stand out from competitors while improving your chances of growth and expansion. Finally, you can rest assured that the office partitioning products the company use are quality solutions that are the best in the industry. The company doesn’t use cheap, poor-quality products that will easily break or even potentially your office staff.

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