How much does it cost to set up an office space in Nairobi?

How much does it cost to set up an office space in Nairobi?

Setting up an office space in Nairobi is an essential step in the growth of your business. Therefore, how much it costs to set up an office space in Nairobi as you plan to improve your chances of increase? Office spaces for rent in Nairobi average a cost of Ksh200, 000 per month. The most expensive office spaces cost over Ksh 1,540,000 per month, with the cheapest going for around Ksh 90,000 per month. However, it is crucial to note various factors contribute to the total billing of office space.

 How much office space do you need?

Before setting up an office, you need to figure out how much office space you need depending on your business requirements. Business space will require your confidence that all the specifications will accommodate your staff, your daily business operations, and your future goals as a company. This comprehensive guide from  KENCID Interiors Limited explains all the main things you should consider before signing the dotted line on any tenancy agreement.

The office efficiency and space generosity for your staff will come in handy to boost productivity levels, cooperation among workers, and harmonious coordination of activities. A generous space allocation per person allows enough room for desk spaces and enough wiggle room to accommodate communal areas such as meeting areas, kitchens, and other essential office amenities. You can also use rank among your staff to allocate appropriate spaces and avoid overpopulating specific areas of your office.

How much office space for amenities?

 An ideal office space should accommodate staff and critical faculties like breakout spaces, server rooms, kitchens, and waiting areas. Similarly, your office space should also cater to all types of meeting rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, washrooms, and stores if necessary. KENCID Interiors Limited is handy to help you figure out the essential amenities required in your office space. The firm then installs all your facilities as modern, sleek, and attractive.

Similarly, the company helps you figure out which office spaces can have multitasking capabilities to avoid overspending on unnecessary office spaces. For instance, they provide ideal meeting rooms, shared social and breakout areas, cafés, and kitchenette facilities with the latest and modern accessory installations that will ease the life of your staff. Therefore, your office spaces will come with high-speed internet connectivity, modern waste disposal facilities, and other essential services that you expect from top-notch offices.

How much office space do your company and employees need in the future?

Your office space requirements will change as your company grows or when there is a change in business operations that require a lot of room for productivity. Therefore, you will need to figure out various things regarding your company when setting up an office space in Nairobi. KENCID Interiors Limited comes in handy to help this activity by providing clear guidelines so that you can set up an office space that will still be functional in the future.

For instance, the company helps you figure out your current employee headcount and their potential to increase in the future. Similarly, the essential equipment and amenities in your office will highly determine the amount of office space your business can consume. You might also have plans for future growth and expansion while considering your company’s best style or floor plan. KENCID Interiors Limited will help ease this process to avoid wasting too much time on the implementation stage. KENCID Interiors Limited matches your company to the ideal office space with our extensive range of flexible, creative, and high-spec workspaces across London.

What is your office culture?

Office culture dictates the operation and running of your business in an enclosed and complete space. KENCID Interiors Limited ensures that they maintain your office culture while adding a touch of creativity that might be just the ideal difference in a competitive industry. Therefore, you will be okay with breaking up production lines to improve the efficiency of your office space.

KENCID Interiors Limited also provides educative information on what can work best for your office partitioning and spaces. Therefore, there is a win-win situation when you consult with the company to set up office space in Nairobi. Remember, your office culture can also reduce costs by sharing office resources such as printers, photocopiers, and other accessories. You might prefer having everyone sit close to each other to encourage innovation and efficiency. However, it might only be ideal for some types of business. Therefore, you should go with cubicles and workstations or opt for a blend of both worlds.

What style of office partitions do you prefer?

The cost of setting up an office space in Nairobi will also include a budget for office partitioning that will come in handy when it comes to your company’s growth. KENCID Interiors Limited gives you various office partitioning options when setting up your interior design. Some office partitioning styles give your current staff more space and reduce it over time. However, others will set aside the room to fill in as you hire a new labor force.

The floor plan of your office space will also be a significant factor when setting up a new office in Nairobi. Some floor plans may include elements that contain awkward corners and nooks. Some might also be far from windows and essential lighting, making them practically unusable as workspace. Therefore, ensure that your office partitioning style covers all the vital aspects that encourage a modern work environment while encouraging employee motivation and satisfaction.

What are the legal minimum standards for office space in Nairobi?

One feature of a thriving business is the ability to fulfill minimum legal requirements for a law-compliant operation. Building codes and regulations govern business space requirements and employment policies. However, most companies need to consider these government policies when setting up offices in Nairobi. These guidelines will also come in handy to ensure you adhere to health policies, especially in case of emergencies.

KENCID Interiors Limited ensures you follow these government policies when setting up your office space in Nairobi. The firm also estimates your company’s space before allocating each employee to a designated office space. Remember, these guidelines require ample operation space for each employee and healthy personal space in a fully functional area. KENCID Interiors Limited visualizes your space before presenting it and figuring out if it aligns with all the space requirements your business will thrive on.

What type of furniture and accessories do you plan to use?

The number of employees in your office also determines what your office furniture layout will look like after completion. Many individual offices will also dictate the type and size of furniture you will use. Some styles may also require each employee to have a personal desk making sharing impossible. Similarly, permanent office cubicles will help create privacy and more productive desks for your office layout. Therefore, ensure you know your furniture requirements before deciding what office interior design you will use.

Your specialty in production also determines the type of furniture you will opt for when setting up a new office in Nairobi. You do not want space restrictions hindering your productivity levels during your most essential business operations. Similarly, your furniture should match your company profile and its core values. Remember to reduce your company’s carbon footprint to help in the fight against a global warming climate.

When do you start the implementation phase?

You will want to begin the implementation phase after knowing the cost of setting up an office space in Nairobi. Therefore, KENCID Interiors Limited comes in to create an ideal office space and interior design that reflects your company’s corporate image. The company features the best interior design professionals with a vast experience in the interior design industry and related fields.

You can rely on these professionals to provide lasting solutions that suit your office requirements and business goals. The company also offers flexible billing methods to avoid overstretching your initial budget when setting up a new office space in Nairobi. The company also offers to purchase furniture to ease your transition into your new office. However, they will charge a certain percentage of the total cost to cater to the extra expenditures they do for you.

Winding Up

The cost of setting up an office space in Nairobi may vary according to your business requirements and productivity levels. Therefore, it is essential when deciding the type of office space to set up. KENCID Interiors Limited helps you set an ideal office space that will come in handy to improve your corporate identity in the competitive Kenyan Market. The company specializes in helping you improve your productivity in every aspect of your office. Similarly, their office partitioning skills are top-notch and creative. They achieve this through a team of professional interior designers that will chip in to provide lasting solutions for all your office problems.

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