Top Interior Design Companies in Kenya

Top Interior Design Companies in Kenya

Interior Design is the art of decorating building interiors into aesthetic and healthier living spaces. Interior design also aims to improve your home’s market value and environment. Therefore, interior and office Design in Kenya is an ideal and reputable career that can help you achieve your career goals. Pursuing a course in interior design is also cheap, but it will be beneficial. Here are some of Kenya’s top-performing interior design companies with vast portfolios in the Kenyan interior design industry.

KENCID Interiors Limited

Kenya College of Interior Design (KENCID) is one of the best interior design colleges in Kenya. The higher learning institution in Westlands helps you pursue your interior design career in the best possible way. It features the best learning amenities in the country to allow you to acquire knowledge through the diverse availability of resources. Therefore, when you enroll in their learning programs, you will have a successful and inspiring career ahead of you.

The School’s various affiliate companies help it contribute heavily to the Kenyan interior design industry. For instance, it works closely with multiple television channels to create awareness of the relevance of interior design in our society. The School’s professionalism and diversity in creativity have allowed it to create the best interior design companies in Kenya. KENCID Interiors Limited stands out as one of Kenya’s most prominent interior design companies for various reasons.

Kenya College of Interior Design constantly supplies KENCID Interiors Limited with a new workforce that contributes heavily to the company’s addition, this gives young learners a chance to become interns at the prestigious interior design firm. Therefore, the School is ideal if you want to further your decor design knowledge. You will also get an opportunity to work with industry professionals while building your portfolio and increasing your chances of the company hiring you for your services.

Prime House Interiors Limited

Prime House Interiors Limited is one of the top-performing Interior Design companies in Kenya that can help your interior needs in all your living and workspaces. It features some of the best office and residential interior designs with diverse and affordable packages accessible to all Kenyans. The company offers a broad selection of customizable themes and works with your specifications on where you require attention to detail.  

Their affordable packages vary in the environmental concerns, space needs, functionality, and requirements that will satisfy your ergonomic living. Therefore, the company charges differently in line with what work is in place and the resources outsourced from different suppliers. The professionals in this ideal interior design company help improve your living spaces by creating quality, customized commercial and residential interior design services that will also come in handy to improve the financial valuation of your home. Therefore, the company can achieve stunning and excellent space planning, designing, and project management for residential and commercial units.

Décor Galore

Décor Galore is a Kenyan interior design company along Ngong’ Road that offers quality interior design services for all your living spaces. The company handles diverse clients from all occupations as it aims to improve their homes’ ergonomic standards and financial valuation. Therefore, the company can manage your residential and commercial properties to add ideal elements to produce quality and outstanding results. Décor Galore has professional interior designers and staff members who are highly trained individuals that can handle all your décor requirements. They take time to understand these needs and offer the best results for your living spaces.

UDesign Architects & Interior Designers

UDesign Architects & Interiors Designers is a private interior design company in Kenya that handles your home’s architecture and interior design using various creative aspects. Its staffing features professionally trained architects and designers who work collaboratively with multiple clients to create outstanding interior design solutions and decorations for your home.

The company allows you to source these services on private contracts since the construction industry is project-based and takes place occasionally. The company operates from Nairobi and features some of the best interior design amenities and facilities that allow them to produce various creative works, outstanding décor, and ideal space planning for your home.

Terry Designs

Terry Designs is a private interior design company that operates in Nairobi and its environs. The company offers you diverse interior design choices according to your requirements. They specialize in making a living and working area spaces more appealing. They also focus on rebranding exercises that keep the rooms relevant and operational while improving the general financial valuation of your property.

Terry designs have an official website that provides an ideal platform to access their previous works and successful projects. This website helps you scan their service provision, contact information, and client reviews to guide your decision-making process. Similarly, you can book appointments and consultation meetings to help schedule your routine when planning for home decoration.

Elway Group Interiors 

Elway Group is a top-performing interior design company in Kenya specializing in contractual services in interior design and ideal room furnishing. The company features a team of highly experienced professionals who use modern and digital software and programs to capture your ideas in the best possible way. These interior design professionals relay your preferences and expectations and express them digitally. Therefore, they can refine the work plan set for the project team, who then have an easier time delivering the product to you as promised.

They also transform your commercial and living space to serve different purposes by offering expert advice to meet all your interior designs. Incorporating modern decor design software helps their professional interior designers create inventive decor design creativity that works for your unique business enterprise or home décor. The firm also converts your home into an ideal haven where you can cool off after a steamy day at work. The company creates a design that reflects your personality and lifestyle. They also do structured cabling and networking projects by providing domestic installations and cable network solutions.

Mihaka Office Interiors

Mihaka Office Interiors is one of Kenya’s longest-serving interior design companies specializing in creating ideal office interiors that match your business goals. The company is in Nairobi and has a working relationship with several commercial buildings and business enterprises in the different regions of Nairobi, such as Westlands, Hurlingham, and Ngong’ Road.

The company offers you various interior design themes for your office to help maximize its functionality and compatibility with your business goals. These themes also come in affordable packages that will not stretch your interior design décor budget. Therefore, you will surely get quality results from a high-performing team of interior designers.

Planning Interiors Limited

Planning Interiors Limited is among Kenya’s best interior design companies that provide professional interior design services to clients in Nairobi and its environs. They offer you ideal design services and advice when you seek their consultation on matters regarding décor for your home. They start your project’s initial phase and can assist with improvement or renovation exercises.

Planning Interiors Limited has a consistent client base that provides positive feedback on its diverse projects. These clients provide an ideal reference point for future and potential interior design customers who want to acquire their services. Therefore, you can get professional help from the company when redecorating your home or office interior design. Their affordable design packages will help you stay within your budget.


DreamHouse is a Kenyan interior design company that tries to bring your décor dreams and imaginations to life. The company outperforms other interior design firms by paying attention to detail and incorporating your presence in every step of the process by providing regular updates and digital visualizations of your décor project. The company’s commitment to satisfying your design requirements and space renovations comes in handy when handling your home. Therefore, the company can create outstanding solutions and lasting designs with maximum functionality.

DreamHouse Interiors also offers consultancy and design services on contractual arrangements depending on your overall budget. The company has a vast portfolio of quality projects that they have a hand in creating. Similarly, the firm features professional designers and highly skilled staff who commit themselves to ensure that you receive the best value for your money. This team of designers immerses their creativity and experience in the décor industry to help you achieve a harmonious living space that will improve your ergonomic and living standards.

In Conclusion

Top interior design companies in Kenya are ideal for helping you achieve your dream home décor and living space requirements in these changing times. Remember, an outstanding interior design in your home will come in handy to improve its resale value, ergonomic standards, and functionality it offers to the occupants. These companies, like KENCID Interiors Limited, will also provide future solutions to take care of your home’s décor. Therefore, be sure to check them out when in need of affordable redecoration projects that will match your space requirements.

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