Interior Design Companies in Kenya

People continue to realize the importance of interior design when setting up their residential and commercial houses. Therefore, various interior design companies in Kenya offer decoration services at varying fees to help you turn your home and office into an ideal living space. These firms will come in handy when you want to do only some dirty work when decorating or repairing the interior design in your home. The list below gives an insight into some of the best interior design companies in Kenya.

KENCID Interiors Limited

KENCID Interiors Limited is one of the best interior design companies in Kenya that features a vast experience and footprint in the décor sector. Kenya College of Interior Design runs the company as an affiliate firm and a reference point for diverse learners who require industrial attachments. In addition, KENCID Interiors Limited is one of the best design institutions with flexible, budget-friendly packages for all their clients.

KENCID Interiors Limited features one of the most constant labour supplies through the international design college. Therefore, you are sure to access top-notch services and products when you visit the firm. In addition, this labour supply ensures enough experience that allows KENCID Interiors to follow minor details when designing your interior design project. Professionals at KENCID Interiors Limited pay attention to detail, allowing them to meet your ergonomic and decoration requirements. Similarly, they offer you the chance to extend your knowledge through internships and integration programs with various interior design institutions.

KENCID Interiors Limited completes your decoration projects with utmost punctuality, which significantly improves the market value of your interior design asset. Therefore, the company’s primary aim is to meet your design requirements in the shortest time possible. Similarly, you can set aside budgets for other projects in due time when working with these ideal firms. Using the latest technology and software to create outstanding interior design ideas and actualize them allows the firm to deliver quality interior design projects for all your living spaces.

Therefore, KENCID Interiors Limited uses available resources to create outstanding décor in your home while sourcing the best materials to help them meet your design requirements. Consequently, this ensures there is maximum functionality in your home with design ideas that are outstanding and exciting, allowing you to choose from various packages. Effective communication in the firm ensures the smooth completion of work with satisfying results. Their professionals generate diverse ideas concerning modern, contemporary, and traditional designs that help them meet your design requirements.

Prime House Interiors Ltd

Prime House Interiors is a Kenyan interior design company with residential and commercial interior design services. The company offers space planning, interior design, and project management services in East African countries. Similarly, the firm features some of the best interior designers and creatives in Kenya with extensive experience in the industry. Therefore, the firm creates outstanding designs with maximum functionality for all the projects you come up with when decorating your homes.

The company is an ideal option when looking for alternatives to odorous paints and wallpapers because it uses Belka cotton paints, a new art of technology for wall decoration. These paints are a new, exciting way to merge and use other design elements seamlessly from some of these styles within its design. Therefore, the company is one of the most flexible and adaptable firms that brings open-mindedness to new design styles and ideas. Prime House Interiors also maintains a fresh and distinctive feel across its portfolio of work.

Kenslay Interiors

Kenslay Interiors is one of Kenya’s best interior design companies, with an outstanding portfolio that spreads throughout the country. This company is one of the most advanced in using generic ideas to create ideal home interiors and décors. Therefore, the company specializes in elegant urban styling interior designs and modern housing projects that are rising in the Kenyan real estate industry.

The company offers flexible design packages that provide cool home ideas for specific rooms, architectural innovations, redecoration, new interior design products, and décor tips. It will also help you achieve an urban interior design for your residential home. In addition, Kenslay Interiors can also help you decorate your commercial spaces and give them maximum functionality. For instance, the company is responsible for creating the Nyamira County governor’s office, Grand Thorton, and the One Beauty Spa.

Pasesi Interior Design Company

Pasesi is one of the best interior design companies in Westlands, Nairobi, specializing in designing commercial spaces, residential spaces, hospitality spaces, and tensile architecture. Pasesi Interior Design Company provides environmentally friendly services to help reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the company offers diverse painting and wall finishes design that can blend well with your living spaces. It also provides you with a wide range of floor finishes when decorating your home. Similarly, the firm has ideal and perfect ceilings for your home or office.

Pasesi Interiors Design Limited ensures smooth coordination at an early stage with all parties participating in a specific project. Therefore, the company can translate various project concepts into reality while considering the possible challenges in redecorating your home. Their professionals with vast experience approach your design project with teamwork and attention to detail. Therefore, this helps them to maintain the original concept and design idea as they progress with actualization.

Terry Interior Designs

Terry Designs is one of Kenya’s most reputable interior design companies with a trail of successful projects all over the country. The company has over 12 years of interior design experience, allowing it to offer you the best interior design and consultation services. In addition, the firm also specializes in home upholstery items like curtains, blinds, and carpets. Terry Interior Designs serves a large client area in Nairobi with diverse home projects in Karen, Kitisuru, Runda, and Westlands.

Terry Interior Designs uses diverse technological advancements and resources to help relay the best ideas to you before actualization and implementation. The availability of modern software helps the company to create ideal illustrations, 3D models, and realistic impressions when visualizing your interior décor. Similarly, modern equipment facilitates the installation of essential amenities in your home with minimal errors. Therefore, you will have a functional and stylish feel in your home interior that is ideally quite ergonomic after Terry Interior Designs works on your decoration project.

Noble Blue Limited

Noble Blue Limited is an ideal interior design company in Kenya that provides design and consultancy services for your residential and commercial projects. The company boasts more than ten years of experience with more than 25 professional interior designers that help create outstanding projects. Noble Blue has a work trail of more than 80 projects all over the country, including Momentum Call Credit Centre interior design and construction, and Gumbo & Associates interior design.

Noble Blue Limited provides you with much to learn regarding the art of interior design as they work on your decoration project. The company uses color as the essence of a space and continually develops a blend that allows different themes to work together. The company is famous for being able to create a mood or evoke an emotion simply through color in your designs. Therefore, as the firm works on your project, you are sure to get a functional and practical decoration of your home.

Homeclad Interior Design Company            

Homeclad Interiors is one of the best dynamic interior design studios specializing in residential, hospitality, and corporate design. The company features some of the best interior designers with a passion for helping you maximize the functionality in your working or living space. Homeclad Interiors also specializes in bringing you the best-customized cubicles for your home. In addition, it provides additional services like 3D designs, modern kitchen designs, bathroom designs and gypsum works.

Homeclad Interiors maintains space functionality by understanding your décor needs and analyzing your living requirements. Therefore, the firm pays attention to detail in every aspect of your home and its occupants. This attention to detail ensures they achieve an ideal interior that creates comfort and an aesthetic feel in your home. Similarly, the company uses available and existing resources to avoid over-stretching your budget. This feature allows Homeclad Interiors to be one of the best interior design companies in Kenya that can help create inspirational interiors and home décor.

In Conclusion

Interior design companies in Kenya help make your living spaces’ interiors safe, functional, and beautiful. These companies determine your space requirements of rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom and living room to help come up with excellent ideas and implementable installations. Similarly, these companies help choose decorative items such as the lighting, colors and materials that blend well with the architectural planning of your living spaces. The companies charge depending on the area and other factors that fall in place when decorating your home. 

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