Cost of interior design in Kenya

The cost of interior design in Kenya may vary from project to project, depending on various factors. Therefore, you need to consider all these variations to identify the ideal budget and development of your interior design project. You will also need to consult people with previous projects or access professional interior designers who have either worked on their home or office designs. Similarly, the pricing methods will be unique for every interior designer in Kenya. Here are some essential pricing methods that KENCID Interiors Limited uses to produce its creative designs.

What’s the project scope?

The project scope refers to how much workload your project entails. The scope might defer from one person to another in various ways. For instance, you may want to repaint your living room or update your bathroom for a much-needed space. Therefore, you will need more than a few affordable interior design styles to achieve an interior design price of your choice.

Remember, the key elements of interior design budget planning involve space, size, and scope of work. You can maintain a lot of control over the final budget of your project. For instance, you may need a lot of money to do some renovation projects while other structural and technical installations cost going for cheaper budgets. Value for money in interior design is more predictable and impactful because you spend on physical items that allow you to control the quality of getting what you pay for from your suppliers. Therefore, you can effectively learn to control the cost of interior design in Kenya.

What’s the size of your space?

The space of your living space says a lot about a specific area when interior designing diverse aspects of your home. Therefore, the square footage of the space and the overall installations will affect the interior design price. Remember, the designers you hire will spend more time creating options for layouts and accessories and sourcing pieces for a large home rather than a small apartment. Generally, an interior designer observes the size of your space that requires decoration before they can quote whatever materials they would like to use and allocate an overall budget.

What’s your budget?

Your set budget also comes into play when determining the cost of interior design in Kenya. The overall budgets drive the project you venture into when decorating a living space. Therefore, you will need to make a list of the essential accessories that your space needs. You can adjust your requirements until they fit into your preferred allocation. Therefore, if your budget allows, you can add other items you’d like. An ideal fund allocation and proper usage will help you get a stunning home interior without breaking your account. However, you must ensure room for change and unexpected costs like repairs, shipping, or other forgotten items.

Hourly Interior Designer Rates

Hourly interior design rates are the simplest way to determine the cost of interior design in Kenya. This payment structure is ideal for smaller projects with limited timelines for completion. This method also considers the travel time, site visits, shopping time, essential conversations, or other hours the designer will spend on your space. However, hourly rates may defer depending on the experience level of the interior designer you choose to work with when decorating your home or changing the entire home interior.

Flat-Rate Interior Design Price

Flat-rate interior design rates may vary from designer to designer, depending on the experience level. Therefore, some interior designers will quote a flat fee for their services while stating their specifications or requirements before venturing into your project. The contract and price quote will list what this fee covers and how many revisions the designer can offer. This method makes estimating the work your living space needs easier. However, accurate estimation requires higher experience levels while leaving room for budget adjustments.

Knowing Your Interior Design Style

A specific interior design style can also affect the cost of interior design in Kenya. Therefore, your design choice will come into play when allocating a budget to your interior design project. Some simple styles, like modern and contemporary designs, make rooms attractive without overstretching your budget allocation. However, varied color schemes and exotic design styles may be tricky and expensive to relay to your interior designer how you would like them in your home. You can narrow down your preferences by eliminating the most irrelevant and time-consuming designs and choose one that can help move your project more quickly while lowering your interior design cost.

Picking the right designer

Interior designers vary in terms of experience, accessibility, level of output, and creativity while tackling your interior design projects. However, it would help if you researched interior designers to note their professional certifications, experience, portfolio, and customer reviews before choosing the one that works for you. You can also save time by hiring someone to research an ideal and creative interior designer. Remember, an ideal interior designer or decorator must not break the bank to achieve quality results. The level of creativity will play a huge part because you don’t want to hire someone who relies only on your ideas.

Interior Design Cost Per Room

Various interior designers will charge you per room, especially when you require design revamping in many rooms of your home. This method is less common because most interior design companies in Kenya charge a flat rate for a project. The most common flat rate is per room, with most designers quoting prices according to the size of the spaces in question, furniture purchases, and the type of room you wish to decorate. This method reduces the much-needed room for adjustments to the scope and budget as the project moves forward. Therefore, it is best for projects that don’t require much coordination or customization. It’s not one of the best methods when planning architectural work involving custom furniture or built-in features in specific rooms.

Commissions on Purchases

This method of determining the cost of interior design in Kenya works closely with the hourly design rate that most interior designers prefer. Most Kenyan interior designers receive a trade discount on furniture, meaning they can pay less for it upfront and then charge you the remaining retail cost. It is a good idea, especially when dealing with experienced or trustworthy interior designers. However, some profit-oriented firms may charge a higher commission by marking items up 10% to 30% above the retail price. Therefore, you must be careful to avoid overpaying when buying furniture that you can acquire at a lower budget if you opt to buy them yourself. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to get copies of receipts for the purchases to confirm the amount paid to estimate your interior design cost and ensure it’s within your budget.

Percentage of Project Cost

An interior design project will cost specific fees from start to completion. Various interior designers use the cost to derive a certain percentage of it as their charges. This method is most common and ideal for larger residential projects and renovations or anything requiring a lot of coordination between you and the interior designer. The designer may charge you as a percentage of the total construction and design cost or use the cost-plus method. The percentage of construction cost happens on projects where you involve a contractor where the interior designer is designing a space for renovation and managing the construction process. The second method is the cost-plus method, which includes the construction cost, the cost of any purchases, and the time spent on project management.

Finding the Right Interior Designer for You

Before hiring an interior designer in Kenya, you must understand your project scope and budget. Make a list of everything you want for your space and prioritize your needs and wants, starting with the essential ones. Narrow your taste so the designer knows what to deliver and what not to. This narrowing down of styles and ideas can also help you find designers that suit your style and budget. However, you will find that most designers can work in various styles, but everyone has their niche that they focus on as individuals.

Wrap up

The cost of interior design in Kenya will vary from one designer to the other or from one firm to another. Therefore, figure out your project and style and ask for recommendations before hiring an interior design professional. Hiring an ideal designer means finding someone who matches your personality and communication style because you will likely spend a lot of time with this person. Make sure you are comfortable with whom you hire and communicate your desires and needs. Consequently, KENCID Interiors Limited offers you flexible project budgets that will help meet your design requirements. Similarly, Kenya College of Interior Design will equip you with ideal information for your growth as an interior designer so that you won’t have to hire one in the future.

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