Best Company for office Partitions in Kenya

KENCID Interiors Limited is the best company for office partitioning in Kenya. Office partitioning is essential for your business and its growth in Kenya. The company specializes in commercial and corporate office partitioning designs that cater to all your office space requirements. They also help convert your simple meeting room to ideal sub-divisions of an entire office floor. These partitions provide flexibility and security while helping your businesses save costs by maximizing the functionality of your places to work. Professionals at the company come with the skills and expertise to create a fantastic and thematic office partition that will exceed your expectations.

Each type of partitioning wall that KENCID Interiors does has advantages, while others work better in specific environments and requirements. Therefore, the company’s experts take time to understand your business and its needs before recommending the right solution. The interior design firm offers three main types of office partitions in Kenya that are ideal for your business:

Modular office partitioning;

Modular office partitions are ideal for versatility in your office interior. KENCID Interiors Limited creates sliding screens, gated doors, and folding wall systems to reconfigure your office interiors. These partitions will come in handy when you urgently need to open up new spaces or close down rooms into dedicated offices. Some modular office partitions include:

Folding office screens and partitions

KENCID Interiors Limited configures these office partitions to fit any office layout. These folding partitions are highly portable and come with fully articulating hinges. In addition, foldable office screens are flexible, cost-effective, and versatile options in the Kenyan market. The company uses lightweight materials and mounts them on wheels so you can quickly move them around in your space. They also allow you set them up in moments to create private offices, computer spaces, or temporary meeting rooms. You can fold them away and store them for future use, which will help reduce storage space usage, making them an excellent option for businesses with limited room.

Folding office partitions from KENCID Interiors Limited come in a wide range, including large accordion walls, office dividers, and smaller acoustic screens. Using noise-reflecting glass or sound-dampening acoustic fabric allows you to create soundproof partitions to enhance privacy and peaceful meetings. KENCID Interiors Limited uses its adaptable design and high portability to create ideal partitioning solutions in your office environment.

Sliding office partitions

Sliding partitions offer the same portable design and narrow-packing footprint as folding screens. This design features a simple telescoping design that you can only open in a straight line. Therefore, this makes the style suitable for cramped office layouts and corporate buildings with particular space requirements. They are also ideal because you can easily slide them next to a work desk or between two office spaces without moving any furniture.

KENCID Interiors Limited uses sliding office partitions to create personal space for your staff while helping to help control noise. Similarly, the style increases comfort enhances file organization, and supports productivity. However, this office partitioning is quite expensive and gives you less access to functional wall space when using your partition as a pinboard or bulletin board during presentations.

Demountable office partitions

Many startup companies start operations in rented spaces with better options than fixed office partitions. However, your proprietor may allow you to attach things to the walls of your rented room. Therefore demountable office partitions are an excellent choice to help you avoid installing permanent office partitions or purchasing glass partitions, which might be more expensive. KENCID Interiors Limited designs demountable office partitions to pin them right onto the wall with just a few screws and brackets. Therefore, the company helps you create an ideal and compatible office that offers the flexibility that your small office requirements require.

Fixed office partitions;

Fixed office partitions are an ideal and permanent alternative to other portable styles of office partitioning. Their permanent nature offers enhanced sound reduction qualities at the expense of portability because you can make them from heavier materials, such as glass, wood, and steel. Therefore, they will come in handy when you do not need much portability because you can use total height panels for proper floor-to-ceiling coverage. KENCID Interiors Limited uses fixed office partitions to offer enhanced privacy and sound control while creating an attractive visual barrier perfect for the modern and corporate office. However, they take longer to install, creating a need to set them up using a professional builder. They also come at a higher price point. Therefore, weigh your options before choosing them because you will commit to a long-term layout with very little flexibility in your office. They Include

Floor-to-ceiling office partition walls

Floor-to-ceiling partitions offer the most critical privacy with your home’s most visually appealing design. This office partitioning comes in various materials like fabric and solid wood panels. KENCID Interior Limited also uses polycarbonate and aluminum partitions to create an office partitioning solution that suits a wide range of office spaces. This ideal spacing creates a comfortable and attractive working environment for your employees to boost their productivity. Floor-to-ceiling office partition walls are expensive and may take longer to install. However, you can expect a solid partition that is durable and reliable that modernizes your office.

Floor-to-ceiling office partition walls offer greater flexibility than fixed partitions, have better floor-to-ceiling coverage, and come with a flush wall finish ideal for brightening your office space. KENCID Interior Limited uses this design to create a stylish and functional partitioning solution that you can use to reduce the noise between rooms. The company also designs them to hang directly from the roof while using a wide variety of materials, like sound-dampening fabric, solid wood, or even aluminum, to improve superior privacy and sound pilferage. However, this design is a bit costly because it requires a supporting beam, ceiling runners, and ceiling-mounted partitions.

Glass office partitions

Glass office partition is a stylish and modern office partitioning style that converts your business into a corporate identity. KENCID Interiors Limited installs these partitions without visible pillars and frames to deliver sleekness and transparency to your office interior. Their popularity makes glass partitioning the best solution for new offices in Kenya that offer simplicity and the ability to give spaces a stylish makeover. Glass partitions can come in half and full-height panels depending on your office requirements.

KENCID Interior Limited creates ideal glass partitions that reduce noise and allow light in all areas of your workspaces. The company uses the diverse idea to separate your space into private offices while giving your office the feel of an open layout. Their capability of allowing both natural and artificial lighting into the room is ideal for brightening up your space and enhancing the innate sense of your office design. However, some standard glass office partitions have minimal privacy due to their precise design. Therefore, KENCID Interiors Limited also offers frosted glass partitions that enhance staff’s comfort and privacy. Their most significant disadvantage is you cannot move them to the ground, and their installation time may take longer than the other styles.

Solid office wall partitions

Solid office wall partitions are permanent partitioning styles that aim to serve your company for a more extended period. KENCID Interiors Limited creates solid wall partitioning by building new walls to segment the space and decorating the new interior walls with electrical points. In addition, the company decoratively installs data and communication ports to ensure you enjoy the benefits of a modern office. Solid office wall partitions allow for a taller office partitioning system without the risk of toppling and breakages. Therefore, it offers more fantastic sound performance and privacy for all your corporate meetings and confidential conversations.

Office cubicles

KENCID Interiors Limited creates ideal office cubicles for your office requirements to offer private space for individual employees and help them to focus on their work. Various offices have a network of office cubicles for each staff member that enhances privacy, reduces office distractions, and creates ideal sound-dampening properties. Similarly, office cubicles minimize reverberation in larger office spaces. However, fixed office cubicles are heavy and may offer little room for customization and rearrangement.  

Office cubicles may also Feature a clever pillar-and-post system that allows for fast setup and configuration. KENCID Interiors Limited uses modular office cubicles to offer you the functionality of a regular booth. Modular office cubicles also provide the freedom to reconfigure and customize your office space according to the change in requirements or staff needs. The pillar-and-post cubicles are ideal for your business if you have a fluctuating staff count or when operating out of a rented space where you plan to move.

Winding Up

Office partitions can be a lower-cost, flexible, and more efficient solution for optimizing your office space. Kenya’s best company for office partitions allows you to explore these options rather than installing expensive and permanent walls. Similarly, office partitioning is perfect for busy offices that serve multiple purposes. It will also come in handy when operating from rented buildings where significant structural changes may not be appropriate. Therefore, there’s a partitioning solution for you at KENCID Interiors Limited, no matter what you need from your office space.

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