Interior Design Firms in Westland’s Nairobi

 Interior Design Firms in Westlands Nairobi


KENCID Interiors Limited in Westlands is a leading interior design firm under the school’s scope that aims at developing learners into professionals. The firm helps the school to nurture Design Leaders by allowing them to focus on specific training and hands-on experience. KENCID Interiors Limited is also the learning institute to identify diverse ways to improve your expertise to keep pace with current trends.

Westlands is one of the best business hubs in Nairobi. The high-end area consists of excellent businesses ranging from

  • retail firms,
  • service agencies,
  • financial institutions
  • global non-governmental organizations.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly home to Nairobi’s best interior design firms. It hosts these decoration firms in a busy environment ideal for their development. This list provides you with the best interior design firms in Westlands, Nairobi.

 Interior Design Firms in Westland’s Nairobi

  • KENCID Interiors Limited
  • Design Partnership
  • Optimum Interiors Design
  • Elway Group
  • Great Interior Builders Kenya
  • Arch-link International ltd
  • Classic Décor Interior Furnishers
  • Stone Arts, Westlands

KENCID Interiors Limited

Kenya College of Interior Design is one of the excellent interior design schools in Kenya. Therefore, whether you are enrolling in college afresh or returning to college to pursue a career change, it is ideal for you. KENCID offers learners various things beyond the classroom by allowing them access to professional associations, community work-based learning, and thriving interior design firms in the country. Consequently, you can take advantage of these opportunities to quench your educational thirst and improve your career development.

KENCID Interiors Limited in Westlands is a leading interior design firm under the school’s scope that aims at developing learners into professionals. The firm helps the school to nurture Design Leaders by allowing them to focus on specific training and hands-on experience. KENCID Interiors Limited is also the learning institute to identify diverse ways to improve your expertise to keep pace with current trends. It also connects you to the designing world by collaborating with industry partners likeIDAK Victoria courts and Lifestyle TV. These collaborations help employers by providing high-impact learning and opportunities for employers to recruit diverse students.

KENCID Interiors Limited focuses on various designing aspects that can help meet your requirements as a client. The design firm offers personalized packages on all forms of projects that you choose to pursue with them. Therefore, there is room for effective communication allowing you to adjust your budget and timing in various ways. Similarly, top professionals ensure that your home decoration is successful by providing top-notch installations.

Design Partnership

Design Partnership in Westlands is a Design Consultancy Firm with a vast experience in the construction and fit-out industry. The interior design firm provides design services in Financial Institutes, Branch Fit-outs, Hospitality, and Corporate Office Fit-outs. The company specializes in Corporate Office Interiors, with some of its leading clients being IBM, Tetra Pak, Cargill, and CfC Stanbic Bank. The company also boasts extensive projects with M&M Bank, Bank of Africa, and Securex Agencies. Their Design approach aims to meet the client’s individual needs and transcends changes in technology and workplace habits to ensure the spaces remain relevant now and in the future. Design Partnership is a passionate and dedicated team of interior design professionals with adequate ICT equipment and ideal software to undertake both small and large projects.

Optimum Interiors Design, Westlands

Optimum Interiors Ltd is one of the most favorable and affordable interior design firms in Westlands. It has top-notch professionals that make it distinguishable from the other interior design firms in Westlands Nairobi. The firm offers you ideal services through their vast experience, and perfected and excellent software. Therefore, they can produce creative and extensive designs that will give you maximum functionality. They also do highly reputable work because professionals manage and monitor every project from the start and throughout the entire process.

The firm focuses on understanding your vision and creativity regarding environmental designs. Their design teams give full attention to structure to renovate or create your dreams in your requirements. After understanding your needs, they later develop ideas and concepts, which you can choose from the pictures you would like. They help in ideal installations that match your functional requirements in various ways. In addition, Optimum Interior Designs helps you with interior design consultations and solutions that can improve your home’s ergonomics.

Elway Group

Elway Group in Westlands is an interior design firm with over seven years of experience delivering ideal internal design transformations. The firm produces modern, practical, intelligent interior designs to help improve your homes, stores, and working areas. Therefore, you will have maximum functionality and profitability in your daily chores. Elway Group has a dedicated team of professionals who provide workspace designs and create ideal services for various spaces. Therefore, the firm focuses on residential homes, offices, education & school interiors, commercial properties like warehouses, public and private healthcare facilities, leisure & retail outlets, and more.

They also transform your commercial space to serve a different purpose by offering expert advice to meet all your interior design. Similarly, they add an inventive interior design creativity that works for your unique business enterprise. The firm also understands that your home is your haven and a place to cool off after a steamy day at work. Therefore, they create a design that reflects who you are and how you live. Elway Group also focuses on Structured Cabling and Networking by providing ideal data cabling installations and cable network solutions across the country.

Great Interior Builders Kenya

Great Interior Builders Kenya is a professional interior design company in Westlands that offers commercial and residential interior design services. The firm provides you with functional, quality, and personalized ideas and installations at affordable rates. These stunning and excellent interior design services result from the company’s vast experience in the interior décor industry. Therefore, it will help you create some of the best interior designs for your homes, businesses, and place of work.

Great Interior Builders Kenya focuses on services like soundproofing and acoustic ceilings with complete noise cancellation. They fit acoustic ceilings in various creative and inventive ways to serve an idea; or purpose in your home or business. The company also helps you with ideal installations of gypsum ceilings in your homes. In addition, they help you identify the best choices by providing Interior design plans and 3D presentations for maximum inclusivity in the project.

Arch-link International ltd

Arch-link International ltd is a Kenyan architectural firm in Westlands with over 15 years of experience in the Building and interior design industry. The company offers you quality services to contribute to the improvement of your environment and places of work. Arch-Link International Limited focuses on the environment and sustainability in all their projects to help realize the optimum design solutions for you. Their professionals help you achieve the highest design and implementation standards for personal or organizational projects. The professional’ passion for craftsmanship and client collaboration help them create innovative and fresh concepts with maximum functionality.

Arch-Link International Limited also offers ideal Project Management & Feasibility studies through a professional team. These professionals deal with project feasibility issues, timelines for completion, budget schedule, and quantity control. We also provide bills of Quantities and facilitate appointing a suitable contractor. The firm creates timeless designs and leads the way for you to achieve a well-balanced style.

Classic Décor Interior Furnishers

Classic Decor is an interior furnishings company in Westlands that works with private homes for individual clients and interior designers on projects all over the region. The ideal interior design company is one of the most affordable interior design firms in Westlands Nairobi that can meet your design requirements. The firm offers a wide range of soft furnishing services for wall fabrics and existing furniture reupholster services. Similarly, the company handcrafts a range of upholstered furniture to create a Classic Collection with modern and minimalist ideations.

The classic collection is a range of handsome furniture with different ideations consisting of traditional techniques forgotten that will help improve your cultural orientation. The company offers personalized services through this classic collection, allowing you to choose pieces with 100% Natural Linen or other gorgeous fabrics in their stores. You can also bring your material; their professionals will help upholster it.

Stone Arts, Westlands

Stone art is one of the most ancient types of decoration left in our modern lifestyles. Therefore, it is no surprise to see an interior design company focusing on it. Stone Arts is an interior design company in Westlands that focuses on creating ideal designs and decorations through stone art. The interior design firm is also one of the best in Nairobi because of its outstanding creations and installations. In addition, the company offers personalized services that help you keep track of your project progress to avoid over-stretching your budget.

The firm has a team of ideal interior design professionals with diverse ideations and creations that will meet your design requirements in various aspects. Therefore, they help produce outstanding projects that offer maximum functionality. In addition, the firm tries to represent your personality through its decorations and creations by bringing in the best designing software and skill sets you can use for your renovation or interior decoration.

In Conclusion,

The best interior design firms in Westlands Nairobi offer the best decoration solutions to help you live in a functional setup. Therefore, you can achieve maximum productivity or improved ergonomics in your home. These firms aim to make your life easier by creating lasting ideations and unforgettable impressions that will leave you yearning for more. You can check out their respective websites for more information on the type of services they can deliver on your project.

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