Low Cost Flooring Options to Consider in Your Home

Each floor type has its unique benefits, and determining which flooring is best depends on each room’s needs and location. Popular flooring options include wood, engineered flooring materials, vinyl, tile and carpet.

Ceramic Tile: Durable ceramic tile makes an excellent inexpensive flooring option. Ceramic tiles are a mixture of clays and other natural materials, such as sand, quartz and water. They are primarily used in houses, restaurants, offices, shops, and so on, as bathroom wall and kitchen floor surfaces. They are easy to fit, easy to clean, easy to maintain and are available at reasonable prices

Porcelain Tile: Consider using porcelain tiles when installing floors in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Due to its manufacturing, porcelain is denser and better at repelling water than ceramic, and though it costs slightly more per square foot, it wears better than conventional ceramic tile.

From wall-to-wall to peel-and-stick, carpeting’s another cheap flooring option available to homeowners. The choices are vast, thanks to a wide range of materials, and quality levels, and no matter the carpet, you can expect it to last 10 years—longer if you vacuum regularly and immediately treat stains.

Wood flooring is any type of permanent floor that has the appearance of wood, whether it is made out of natural or synthetic lumber. Wood is a versatile flooring material that comes in a number of styles, colors, and species. There are two main types of wood flooring, which are solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is made from solid planks of lumber. Engineered wood flooring has a lumber veneer over a synthetic, reinforced underlayment made of something other than wood. Here is a little more information about both of these types of flooring.

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